A World Class Facility Available for Your Enjoyment

Have you ever ridden a horse at full gallop? At the Thai Polo and Equestrian Club, you can experience world-class Argentinians polo players battling the competition with other international teams. Many players play the game exclusively for a living. There are also a smattering of locals in the game as well, like of the club ownerB. Grimm and Company has a long and colorful history in Thailand and are the owners and developers of Thai Polo and Equestrian Club.  Well, what do you expect? Expect excitement! It’s a great place for social engagements, and there are luxurious pool and restaurant facilities available as well. Far more than an ordinary polo club. You won’t want to leave!

A Sport for all Ages

Polo has been played through-out the ages, but in a bit of double entente, the sport is played by people of all ages as well! I happened to be doing some photography as a reporter for the now-defunct Pattaya Times newspaper and recorded the young  gentlemen in the photo gallery.  On this day it was Thailand versus Malaysia. Drew Noyes, the owner of the paper, introduced me to Prince Muhammad of Malaysia. You might want to read more about Malaysian royalty. The arrangement is quite interesting. I appreciated that! It isn’t often that I get to meet royalty.

Malaysian Royalty and Prince Michael of Kent

Since there are several royal families in Malaysia, they take turns as head of state in kind of a rotational family-office.  Funny thing was that I mentioned this occasion to a retired US veteran a few years back, and he responded that a week earlier he had had lunch with Prince Michael of Kent. There is always a better story out there! It was a true story. He was a retired wounded veteran, and followed international military related occassions closely. The Society of St George luncheon hosted by the Prince.  Super!

The Foul Line and Top Speed

Having played arena polo myself for a year or two in the States–an entirely different “animal”– afforded a little insight into the game. It’s always helpful for a reporter. You can appreciate the sport if you understand the complexities of the foul line. It moves!

In arena  polo the horses never reach their fastest speed–that was my venue; outside in the fields however, the horses can reach a top speed– approximately twenty-five to thirty miles per hour. Having twelve-hundred pounds +- under you and going at that rate can be exhilarating or frightening, You might experience both emotions!

A Great Place for Social Engagement

You will find more than just spectacular entertainment in the way of a polo match. Here there is also a pool and restaurant on the premises and open to the public. Yyou can make an afternoon with your friends, have lunch, lounge at the pool and later see the game–or in any order as you like.  You won’t find better facilities anywhere! There is also a re-creation of the London-famous Chukka Club circa 1865– in the words of the  manager is a “direct replica of the Chukka Bar from the famous hotel that opened in London called the Langham Hotel. Thai Polo and Equestrian Club is among the best in the world, yet it is also committed to constant improvment.”

Sanctuary of Truth

You may want to make another afternoon trip to another world-class site, the Sanctuary of Truth in Naklua. The Sanctuary is nearby and shouldn’t be missed. It’s a one-of-a-kind landmark. You can take a short elephant ride down the hill to the landmark, or walk down a fairly lengthy amount of stairs set in a tropical hill. There is also a marine show with dolphins that your children would love if you’ve brought them. Maybe the day after the polo game.