Dontan, a small city outside of Northeastern Thailand, on the Mekong River and looking over Laos.

A few years ago, my friend convinced me to take a 20 hour bus ride from Bangkok to a very small and quiet town outside of Mukdahan, Thailand. Once a year, before they plant rice, they have a parade and pray for rain. Additionally, they all get togeather for a party and the boys have a specialty: rocketry. I must say that their displays of this were impressive.

What impressed me most about this town was the kindness of people. No real problems, just a community parade, lots of beer floating around, a few pigs on a spit, and in general, a family day.

Buddhists, particularly in the country have simple lives that evolve around their food. The late King determined that the best way for people to live was to split their land in thirds: one third to live on, one third a fish pond, and one third for rice.

Is is the start of monsoon rains, so I guess they are in luck.