Magnificent hand-carved teak temple


This magnificent hand-carved temple is a must see! You will never see anything like it.


The Sanctuary of Truth, a magnificent hand-carved teak temple, pictured here, was a gift from the owner of the Mercedes Benz franchise. It is a temple constructed of teak and carved wood throughout and is the largest handmade teak temple in the world! The motif is the unity of four beliefs–Buddhism, Hinduism, and mythologies of Cambodia, China, India and Thailand. At first seeing this temple from afar, you realize the immensity of the structure. Just to care one figure would take an average sculpture weeks I suppose, but this is a massive display of Thai culture and epitomizes the spirituality of Asia in one place–the temple is divided into four parts–one with Buddhist motifs, one with Hindu motifs, one with Chinese motifs and one depicting the relationship we have with the heavens. It is truly a world class heritage site, and one which will inspire awe. There are opportunities to volunteer in maintenance and learn wood sculpture as well. You have never seen something like this completely teak temple! You can read more about this at

Take the elephant ride to the bottom of the hill!


For your enjoyment, you and your family can take an elephant ride from the entrance to the bottom of the lengthy road which leads to the massive temple. It is hidden as you descend the gradual incline, so when you round the corner, there sits this massive structure. Along the way are also trained dolphins which you may enjoy feeding and watching.