Some people have never taken time out in their lives, due to their ambitions, time-limitations, family or economic realities; this was how my life was until I wondered after many years, what in fact I would experience except a painful existence. No matter how much money I earned, it was always supporting the “machine” of investments, real estate, repairs and maintenance, improvements and it seemed to make little sense. In time it would have all worked out, but there would have been many years of hardship and few rewards. Had I held my property, I would have undoubtedly become a very wealthy guy. Instead, I have memories and skills which have made me more, much more than just a person who has alot of money. I have lived and experienced a life all over the world, met many people, learned many things, and lived in fact, the life few individuals have the possibility of experiencing. It’s not that it was high-end, but it was so much more enriching than living in a big house and supporting a huge mortgage–pressured by expenses and a society which demanded more and gave less.