You think it’s easy to get up at about 6 o’clock in the morning and get down to the dive shop and get ready? After a quick breakfast of course, getting the gear ready for 8 people including dive suits, regulators, masks, fins, and so forth–then carrying over (and I mean CARRY) 18 tanks– across the resort area to the pool to start the day? You work up a big sweat! The day starts at about 7:30 AM and goes until 4:00 PM, mostly spent in the pool.

We work in groups and start by teaching people how to assemble their gear; then how to do buddy checks. After that is completed, we enter the water and start the 20 or so skill sets to become an open water diver. This includes proper descents and assents, floating on the surface while taking off the Buoyancy Control Device and weight belts; alternating snorkel and regulator; and then submerging in shallow pool area to practice flooding the mask underwater, removing the mask, managing a free-flow regulator, removing weights and BCD, swimming around, removing the high pressure hose and reattaching it; simulating out of air and so forth. By the end of the day, they are ready for open water diving.