A Beautiful Day on the Wreck    dive boat express to the wreck a beautiful day wreck diving

It was awesome! Yes, a beautiful day scuba diving on the wreck for all. Those of you interested in Scuba Diving. Pattaya offers three wrecks–and rumor has it a fourth will soon be available. They have to sink it first, however! This is the dive at the famous site of the Hardeep. You can read more about this wreck at http://www.thaiwreckdiver.com/hardeep_wreck.htm. Rumor has it is was sunk by allied forces in 1941 and looks about that old–but covered with corals it’s hard for you to tell. 

Currents on the Wreck

There is current at the wreck site at times depending on the tides but the dives at the perfect point are best when there is no tidal drift. On this day the visibility was absolutely perfect. It was truly a beautiful day on the wreck! Fish and turtles and fish come out to greet you as you descend on the rope. Actually doesn’t get better in your dreams! Here are some professional photos of a crew diving the Hardeep:

 Proper weighting is key

Weighting is always the key when scuba diving. It might be a great day topside, but when you are in the water the beautiful day can turn into a difficult situation. You will find that deep diving takes more skills in the effort for success. Firstly you have one-quarter of air because you are about 4 atmospheres deeper, so the pressure on the air as you breathe reduces the supply dramatically. All the more reason for you be neutrally buoyant. 

YOU should be properly weighted is always the key- and it’s enough to be an annoyance if it’s not. It takes extra effort to maneuver on a wreck dive which is usually deep so that extra effort adds up to using more of the precious air in the tank, so make sure you are properly weighted. If you need some counsel on the matter, ask Terry at Mermaids about peak performance buoyancy. It is absolutely necessary to be neutrally buoyant to get the most out of diving. This movie gives you the complete picture of the wreck and ideas about what to expect, should you want to come to Thailand and do some diving. And who doesn’t? The day of the film,  it couldn’t have been better. Call Mermaids Dive shop if you want to go diving on the Hardeep. They will take care of you! 



A bit of History of the Hardeep

The history of the Hardeep is well documents, thanks to Steve Burdon and A.S.S.E.T.

Borrowing from Steve at A.S.S.E.T–and excellent resource so if you want to learn more technical aspects of the equipment used in diving: 
http://www.thaiwreckdiver.com/hardeep_wreck.htm :
The Hardeep lies on its starboard side at a max depth 26 meters, with two unexploded 1000 pound bombs nearby. So be careful! The entire structure is encrusted in heavy coral growth and makes a lovely ‘cavern’ dive. It is possible to swim from one end of the wreck to the other without leaving the wreck. But both large forward and aft holds offer safe, well-lit penetration dives for all but the chicken scared. The large steam engine has been removed through a purpose cut hole in the side making access to the engine room easy. 

You must wonder what life was like for the crew on that fateful day. but no word was given if they survived. Nevertheless, this artifact sits majestically in 30 meters of water waiting for visitors!

Here is the awesome video!